Happy Easter & more importantly, Happy 4-20! It would be my luck that I’d get the pleasure and honor of dropping a #SevnthSundays on such a beautiful day. I’ve been in quite the binge of sampling 90’s R&B, and this is another testament to my love for old-school love songs. A quick update, also, for those of you who read the descriptions; I will be performing in San Francisco w/@Soulection fam: Andre Powers, AbJo, and Kronika next Saturday (April 26, 2014) at the F8 Lounge! Pre-sale tickets are flying fast, so get yours before the show is sold out! You can purchase pre-sale tickets here: http://soulectionsvnth.eventbrite.com/

FREE DOWNLOAD will be available Monday, April 21, 2014.

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Vocals from Aarahdna, Adeaze - Gettin stronger

Introverted Rebellion EP May 12th!

Produced by: Monte Neuble and Tim Stewart
Lyrics: MacKenzie and Jamie Jones

Produced & Written by Men Among Boys
Additional Prod. by Clixx
Engineered & Mixed by Clixx
Additional Engineering by Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin

Artwork: Christ Falling on the Way to Calvary by Raphael

so much yesssss

Da - P X TIGERBLOOD - Rock U $$$$

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More info: http://runthetrap.com/2014/03/03/da-p-x-tigerblood-rock-u-rtt-premiere/

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It’s starts with a card, and it ends in the most amazing experiences.
Met some really interesting, helpful, and refreshingly unique characters.
You never know how much you have in common with someone until you open up to them. Additionally, by simply acknowledging someone you could be making their day.
I was everyones random stranger today and there was not a single moment where there was not a smile being cracked.
If you want to make the world suck a little less, lead by example.
It’s easy, just pay it forward.
the interactions you have today could change someones tomorrow for the better.
Get out there and do something nice for a stranger.
Be someones random stranger!